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Intrepid apparel for town & country, land & Sea…

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Timeless yet innovative styles...incredible details...a fusion of European sporting style and American Outdoor offering their new Spring & Summer Collection.

I am personally a great fan of these shirts and wear them incessantly. You are going to enjoy them, as well, I am quite sure.


PS   Generous sizing.......See Size Chart at bottom of page !

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BraeVal spring and summer apparel is made with

Veranda®, an all natural fabric blend. Veranda blends

are light - airy - crisp - fresh blends of all natural

luxurious fabrics. Light-weight, wicking, breathable,

rugged yet sophisticated, Veranda fabrics are the

ultimate in comfort and luxury.

Please follow care instructions on label.






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BraeVal Shirts











Proprietary "Caped Wing-Back" design, zip-vented sleeves, two bellow pockets with double layer over-flap and hidden button, ported pockets, convertible sleeve roll-up stays, epaulettes, accessory loop on left pocket, locker loop. Veranda silk/cotton, 52/48, linen/silk, 55/45, 100% Cotton Seersucker.


left to right---


*Size Chart at bottom of page !

Color Choice: 

Extremely limited !!!


Halyard intro picture

Halyard Short

Gusseted crotch, front side flange bellows pocket sewn down on bottom, contrast back belt loop, back flap pockets.

Veranda Linen/Cotton, 55/45

Halyard intro picture Halyard intro picture



Color Choice: 

Extremely limited !!!



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BraeVal shirts come in medium, Large, Extra-large and x-xtra large sizes.   Extra large will comfortably fit a 6’ 2” 200+ lb man with 16 ½” neck and 35” sleeve.   Do not dry clean. See chart below for details.*






Chest- 1" below armhole





Sleeve Length- CBN (long)

34 5/8

35 1/4

35 7/8

36 ½

Neck Circumference

16 3/4

17 3/4

18 3/4

19 3/4