Bills Khakis Bullard Khaki Pant from Dann Clothing,Heavy Weight Khaki !, Intl Shipments

Bills Khakis

Bullard Twill Khaki Trouser

from Dann Clothing



The perfect heavyweight Khaki Trouser !

10 ounce.....heavyweight...nice and beefy !

Made in USA


 Made in USA of Imported Fabric
100% Cotton
Machine Washable




Complete Collection !

Fine Line Twill Shirt, Long-Sleeve

White Sporting Twill Shirts


Horse Racing & Equestrian Neckties



Bills Khakis

Belts !




Bullard Twill Pant

10 Ounce


Pant Size: 



We are happy to finish the bottoms of your Bills Trousers for you but
---please note---once tailored they are non-returnable.

Hem Options:
Inseam ---Bills suggests adding a 1/2 inch for shrinkage if you are planning on washing the trousers yourself.


Price:  $185.00

Currently out of stock


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