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Bills Khakis

Blue Jeans

NEW----5 Pocket Jeans

from Dann Clothing

 5-Pocket Brunswick Denim Jeans 5-Pocket Brunswick Denim Jeans

Made in the USA

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New ! Bill's New Jean

"Timeless functional construction without frills or extraneous decoration."

A growing legion of Bills Khakis fans have discovered this terrific jean.......made Domestically in the US. Consistancy of fit is the hallmark of the Bills Brand. We look forward to sending you some !

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 Made in USA of Imported Fabric
100% Cotton
Machine Washable

----- Light Wash

------Dark Wash


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Bill's 5 Pocket Weathered Canvas Jean


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New ! Bill's New Jean



5 Pocket Denim

14 ounces


Choose your Waist Size and your inseam !


Waist Size: 



Price:  $133.50






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