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Berle Trousers

Charleston Khakis

Vintage 1946 Trousers Collection

Berle Black Label Collection


The Complete Berle Pant Collection !

Spring & Summer 2014

Berle Trousers & Charleston Khakis

Dress, Walk Shorts & Casual Trousers

from Dann Clothing


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On a personal note........I worked for the gentlemen who founded this Trouser company for many years as a territory sales rep. I spent many wonderful evenings in charming Charleston Inns and in their wonderful restaurants with true "Charlestonians"--the Berle brothers, Norman and Herbert. That gracious Charleston hospitality ! I can also personally attest to their commitment to their customers and the quality of their garment.  

Please let us know how you like your Berle and Charleston Khakis Pants and Walk Shorts !  

Joan Dann


Berle Casual Trousers

Berle Khakis

Berle Poplins

Berle--Vintage 1946 Washed, Stoned & Beaten Khakis

Berle Dress Denims

Berle Microfiber


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Berle Walk Shorts

Berle Summer Seersucker Trousers & Walkshorts

Berle Microfiber Walkshorts

Berle Madras WalkShorts & Trousers

Berle Corduroy

Berle Flannel Lined Khakis

Berle Self Sizer Trousers


Berle Trousers

Solid gentlemen's favorites..... 

Berle Dress Trousers

Berle Casual Pants

Berle Casual Walkshorts


Berle Microfiber Trousers & Walkshorts




Berle Seersucker

Trousers & Walkshorts


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Washed 100% Cotton Denim Trousers

Berle Dress Denims

Denim Trousers in regular trouser construction !  Regular and Big/Tall


Berle Dress Trousers

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Berle Dress Trouser Collection

Berle Black Label Collection

Flannel....Gabardine....Tropical.....Lora Piano Wool.....Heavy-weight Flannel

Berle Year-Round Dress Tropical Trouser Collection

Berle Black Label Collection

Berle Dress Microfiber

Berle Dress Self Sizer Trousers

Berle Fall & Winter Patterned Trousers


 Charleston Khakis Trousers

Charleston Khakis

Trousers & Walkshorts

Charleston Cotton Tencel


AND----up to size 60......

Charleston Khakis, Big & Tall



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Big & Tall Trousers

Berle Khakis Big & Tall

Charleston Khakis, Big & Tall

Berle Dress Denims, Big & Tall

Berle Year-Round Tropical Trouser Collection

Berle Poplins----up to size 48


Navy Blue Blazers & Khakis work GREAT for Weddings !



  berle military twill

Vintage 1946 Trousers

& Military Twill

by Berle

 Washed, Stoned & Beaten Khakis

17 Colors !

Vintage 1946 verticle label tan



Reversible Madras Walkshorts!

Berle Fall & Winter Patterned Trousers

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Flannel Lined Khakis !


Berle White Khakis

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Berle Bar Harbor Linens

Linen Trousers & Walkshorts

Extremely limited !


Embroidered Walk shorts



Fun Retro 5 1/2" Shorts

New Spring 2015

Please check back for more info !


195 Cords

Berle Corduroy Trousers

Charleston Khakis Corduroys Trousers



Alumni Luxury Sport coats



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Fun Holiday Trousers for Men


Great Coordinates....



Pantherella logo with panther

Complete Pantherella Socks Collection


Trafalgar Wallets and Gifts

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Trafalgar Braces

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Trafalgar Formal Braces

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Keys and Lockwood Woven Neckwear


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Shoe & Closet Accessories

The Gustbuster

Wind-tunnel tested umbrella !


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Dann Formal Footwear

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Dann Studio Italian Footwear

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L.B. Evans Slippers

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The Croc Shop from Dann Clothing



Shell Cordovan Collection

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Dann Studio Gifts



Engraved Sterling Silver Collection

from Dann

Proman Products Windsor Executive Wardrobe Valet #PPVL16001

Dann Valets

Robert Talbott Collection

fraternity greek necktie college wear university gear men's clothing

Fraternity Neckties from Dann

Fraternity Neckties...Fraternity Hats....Fraternity Crests

fraternity emblem men's clothing classic greek blazer crest university college fraternity emblem men's clothing classic greek blazer crest university college fraternity emblem men's clothing classic greek blazer crest university college

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Monograms &
Personalized Gifts from Dann



Wool Hooked Pillow Collection

Made by Hand-----100% Wool !


Long Sleeve Polo

with Elbow Patches

THE MUST-HAVE sweater of the season !

18 Colors !


Genuine Hornback Alligator


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Dann Men's Clothing


Vintage Spring 2012 image

Berle White Khakis !