Keys and Lockwood Regimental Stripes

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Keys and Lockwood Regiment Stripes Collection

Extra Long for

Big & Tall


The perfect compliment to our fine collection of Dress Shirts and our large selection of suits and sportcoats.

Authentic Regimental Stripes Collection

Big & Tall
Extra Long

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Price: $99.50

Royal Scots XL

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Price:  $99.50

Royal Irish Fusilliers XL

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Price:  $99.50

7th Dragoon Guards XL

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Price:  $99.50

Royal Engineers XL

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Price:  $99.50

1st Kings Dragoons XL

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Price:  $99.50

Duke of Edinburgh Wiltshire Regiment XL

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Price:  $99.50

Intelligence Corps XL

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Price:  $99.50

Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders XL

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Price:  $99.50

Gordon Highlanders XL

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Price:  $99.50

Royal Navy Engineers XL

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Price:  $99.50

Coldstream Guards XL

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Price:  $99.50

Black Watch XL

color-28.gif (1263 bytes)

Price:  $99.50

Royal Air Force XL

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Price:  $99.50

Royal Navy XL

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Price:  $99.50

Royal Navy Air Service XL

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Price:  $99.50

Royal Scots Grey XL

color-637604.gif (1138 bytes)

Price:  $99.50

Prince of Wales Volunteers XL

color-637607.gif (1293 bytes)

Price:  $99.50

East Yorkshire Regiment XL

color-637612.gif (1297 bytes)

Price:  $99.50

Gloucestshire Regiment XL

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Price:  $99.50

Brigade of Guards XL

color-638003.gif (1262 bytes)

Price:  $99.50

Royal Marines XL

color-638004.gif (1233 bytes)

Price:  $99.50

Yorkshire & Lancaster XL

color-638007.gif (1344 bytes)

Price:  $99.50

Khyber Rifles XL

color-638012.gif (1264 bytes)

Price:  $99.50

Royal Army Medical Corps XL

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Price:  $99.50

Inniskillings XL

color-638103.gif (982 bytes)

Price:  $99.50

London Scottish XL

color-638104.gif (1219 bytes)

Price:  $99.50

Royal Army Sevice Corps XL

color-638106.gif (1242 bytes)

Price:  $99.50

Queens Own African Rifles XL

color-638109.gif (1434 bytes)

Price:  $99.50

Cheshire Regiment XL


The Four-In-Hand

To us...there is only one knot !

1. Cross the end of tie"A" over the top of "B", making sure that "A" is longer than "B".

2. Wrap "A" around "B" once

{short description of image}

3. Bring "A" over the top of "B" left to right.

{short description of image}

4. Pull "A" up through the loop between the tie and the collar.

{short description of image}

5. Lead the end of "A" through the front of the knot.

6. Place one hand on the knot while pulling down on "A" until tie is drawn

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Our Favorite Dress Up Denim Shirt

Sizes to 3x !

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